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Digital Core Groups

Master Your Relationship with Food 
Activate Your Mind and Spirit
Connect with Your People


It’s time for you to flourish. Our Core Group Series is the perfect way to take your relationship with food to the next level. With one of our incredible behavioral coaches at the helm, in a group of like-minded and equally excited soon-to-be-besties, Core Digital Groups will set you on the fast track to living your best life.  

Our Core Digital Group offerings build upon each other, helping you to feel empowered and excited about your new journey!  One size does not fit all, so work your way through one or all of the Courses and get into the solution. With your new-and-improved attitude and your new-and-improved support system, you’ll be well on your way to mastermind status!

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Core I: Foundation

You can expect to learn:

  • A lot about THE FOOD - because we know it’s not about the food and it’s all about the food.
  • Why you’re feeling so lost in the cycle of overeating (hint: willpower has nothing to do with it!) 
  • How to deal with tricky emotions without turning to food. 
  • How to manage gray areas, and how to live (and thrive!) with IMPERFECTION.
  • How to pick up on your stinkin’ thinking patterns - and how to think in a way that helps you heal.

Core II: Deep Dive

Going Deep in Core II, you’ll:

  • Establish a meditation and mindfulness routine to help you quiet your mind and tap into your inner wisdom.  
  • Go deep into the skills that will help you not turn to food when feelings and cravings get loud. 
  • Learn and practice tricks for when you’re in your big, beautiful life - managing friends, family, social situations, and beyond.
  • Learn how to break up with dieting.
  • Create and track weekly goals to improve accountability (and make amazing friends!)
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Core Digital Groups

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Core I: Foundations


Prerequisite: Read Breaking Up with Sugar

Haven’t broken up or broken through in your relationship with sugar? Need a refresh of the foundational skills for the relationship of your dreams? Look no further. Core: Foundations will teach you the most essential skills to get your relationship with food off on the right foot, or get you back on course. 

Next group: Tuesday, July 13- August 31st


Core II: Deep Dive


Prerequisite: Completion of Core I

Love Core I and want to go even deeper? Core II: Deep Dive builds on the Core I: Foundations curriculum to guide you to a more profound and loving relationship. Want to know how to manage when life gets lifey? Want some accountability in practicing skills? Core II is for you. 


Coming soon..

Are You Ready to Take Your Relationship to the Next Level? 

Weekly Live Zoom Sessions

  • Each Core Group features 8 weeks of LIVE Zoom sessions with an amazing Beacon by MC staff member 
  • We limit each group to no more than 10 people, allowing for a loving and intimate environment and lots of time for individual participation and question! 
  • Fun and super informational worksheets designed to help you get super smart and skilled for sustainable success!
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