Coaching with Molly!

Join Molly for guidance and support - together with a group of BUWS warriors.

Get ready to connect, learn, grow - and hang out with meeee!

Every month (and sometimes even more!), we’ll gather together for live, virtual coaching sessions.  It’s going to be incredibly awesome. Seriously.

Together with fellow BUWS warriors, we’ll spend time engaging in honest conversations while I coach you through your toughest challenges related to food, weight, and diet drama. At the start of each session, I'll introduce a specific topic and lead a quick 5-10 minute fireside chat. 

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and talk about what’s on your mind and in your heart when it comes to this amazing relationship you’re creating, and I’ll bring my biggest, brightest “A-game” to help you to find a solution.

The topics that we discuss in our group apply to all of us. We strengthen as a community, we learn things we needed to know but didn’t know we needed to know, and we invigorate our relationship with food and ourselves. These sessions will leave you feeling empowered, connected, and every bit hopeful that true nourishment and freedom exist for you. 

It’s my favorite day of the month!

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Here's what you can expect:

  • 60-minutes of live Zoom coaching
  • Opportunity to ask Molly all of your burning questions
  • A great vibe with interactive discussions 
  • Access to all of Molly’s tips, tricks, guidance, and wisdom
  • The replay so you can re-listen anytime!

Come and join me - every month or whenever you feel like you need a boost! You won’t be disappointed. I cannot WAIT to see you.

 Xoxo, Molly

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