The service that we wish to offer you is specialized life coaching related to healthful eating habits.  Coaches at the Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”), a New York Limited Liability Company, work with adults and children to identify emotional issues that might interfere with healthful eating, to stop repeating thinking and behavior patterns that might lead to unhealthful eating, to develop a knowledge of and ability to plan for and engage in healthful eating, and generally to empower clients to eat in a healthy way.  We help clients develop an integrated plan of eating that fits their lifestyle and helps them end struggles with food and weight. Coaching sessions are online and in a groups format. 

Coaching is not a medical, mental health, or any other type of health service.  It is not psychotherapy or mental health counseling.  No diagnosis or treatment of, or advice regarding, any medical or mental health condition or illness is offered.  Health insurance companies do not reimburse for coaching services. Coaching cannot substitute for, and is not an alternative to, medical or other healthcare diagnosis and treatment when a medical or mental health condition or illness is present.  You are advised to seek diagnosis, treatment and advice regarding medical or mental conditions or illnesses from physicians and other licensed health care and mental health professionals. If you wish mental health assessment, counseling or psychotherapy, then we can provide you with referrals at your request.

Molly Carmel holds a Masters degree in Social Work. Although she is a licensed LCSW-R in New York State, coaching is not considered a health care service for which licensure is required. That Molly has a professional license does not mean that her coaching services are necessarily superior to those of an unlicensed coach. 

Our online group coaching sessions are recorded, including the video recording of any and all group members who participate by allowing themselves to be viewed and the audio recording of any and all questions or comments that participants may have. By participating in any live online group coaching session, you are authorizing Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”) to record and use the audio-video recordings of that session for display to any and all coaching clients of Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”). You acknowledge that in publishing the recordings for their intended purpose to other clients of Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”) and to the public, you may be recognized whether or not you disclose your name. You also understand that some members of the public may believe that you sought coaching from Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”) due to issues in your life having to do with food and weight because that is the area of specialty for which Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”) is known.

By purchasing the ALL IN Internsive, you are confirming and agreeing to the required 3 month commitment - both to yourself, your recovery and your group members. Groups are limited to a specific number of members, as a result, we do not offer any refunds and, of course, we expect you will make every effort to attend the scheduled group appointments.

You acknowledge that you are relinquishing any and all rights to the recordings made by Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”) of your participation in online group coaching sessions, and understand that the recordings may be used by Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”) for the above purposes without any further permission being required from you. You acknowledge that you are not being offered any compensation, nor are you under any duress, to give your consent to participation in online group coaching sessions or to being recorded if you do participate.  You also understand that once the recordings are made, they may be used for several years for the above stated purposes.

You understand that prior to the making of the recordings, you have the right to revoke this Consent but because of the expense involved in making the recordings and contracting for their use, this Consent, once signed, may be revoked after the recordings are made only at the sole discretion of Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”).

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you understand the nature of the coaching services that Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”) offers, that you consent to the recording of your participation in any online group coaching that you may attend and that you have had the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about Beacon Programs LLC (“Molly Carmel”) and the services it is providing to you.

IntenSati: Sunday Dec 3 at 4PM

spiritual fitness class that will END your exercise DRAMA and TRAUMA once and for all.

Join me via Zoom for 60 minutes of intenSati. Let’s get you moving and grooving into the life you deserve. And no worries, a replay will be provided if you can’t make it or want to take class OVER AND OVER lol.

Your session will be:

  • low impact
  • 60 minutes
  • fully online
  • a complete mind-body experience

All fitness levels encouraged and welcome - intenSati is for everybody and every BODY.